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    Getting two (related?) errors in the Market when updating apps that are driving me nuts...

    Insufficient Space on Device and Package File is Invalid

    Was getting the Insufficient Space error on larger files, though I have plu-enty of free space.

    I've tried all the usual tricks (moved a lot of apps to SD, clear cache/data, uninstall updates, wipe cache/dalvik cache, unmount SD card), none with any consistent success.

    I have reinstalled the ROM and got a few to work, but I'm now stuck with every app giving me a Package File is Invalid error.

    Started to try Link2SD to link dalvik-cache files (another shot in the dark, for me), but I get an error:

    /data/sdext2 mount not found

    I'm assuming this folder should exist and doesn't. Anyone know where it goes?

    Is it related to my bigger issues?

    Any suggestions?

    Details, if helpful:
    Android 2.3.6
    Calk 2.9.2

    Thanks in advance.

    PS Can't wait for ICS... wonder if that will help me?
    04-26-2012 02:06 PM
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    Oh, this all started when stupid me put the case back on the phone upside down by accident, so there was no space where the volume buttons are and more importantly where the power button is.

    Phone started going nuts before I could get the case off, and pull the battery.

    Kept getting Force Close errors all over the place, so wiped clean and re-installed.
    04-26-2012 02:10 PM