1. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    I just picked up an epic 4 g touch. However the 3g keeps going in n out. It's running the stock firmware. Is that a common issue or do I have a defective device?

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    04-27-2012 10:50 PM
  2. Sn1per 117's Avatar
    It shouldn't be an issue unless you're in an area with a pretty weak signal. How many bars do you normally have and do you have any other phones to compare to and see if they consistently have 3g?

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    04-28-2012 12:31 AM
  3. luvsmobile's Avatar
    Are you saying the 3g icon actually disappears or you just have an intermittent connection? Try updating your profile/prl
    04-28-2012 07:13 AM