1. boriqua2000's Avatar
    Is this normal? I never noticed before. I always use the same wifi network when im at home but i just noticed that even though im connected my phone is continually scanning. Im guessing this is draining my battery. Is there a way to make it stop scanning automatically? Attachment 24980
    05-07-2012 06:57 PM
  2. Uglyfido's Avatar
    I've noticed this on mine as well, and yet my battery life is pretty darn good. I unplug it in the morning, and plug it in at night before I go to bed. And I use my phone a fair amount throughout the day. Texts, calls, and web surfing as well as some game playing are all common things for me on any given day. I'm connected to wi-fi more than I am to 3g or 4g as well. I don't know why it seems to always be scanning for wireless networks, but it has not seemed to affect me negatively in any way that I can tell.
    05-07-2012 10:40 PM
  3. JayWill's Avatar
    Well first off, unless you really need it, I would uncheck "Network notification". That way your phone is not constantly scanning for open wifi networks.

    Also, there was some discussion on this topic quite awhile back, and the conclusion was that wifi scanning is only taking place while you have that settings screen open, and stops when you close it (unless you have Network notification enabled).

    I should also mention that this has changed on the ICS ROM for this phone. In ICS, there is now a scan button.
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    05-08-2012 12:27 PM
  4. boriqua2000's Avatar
    I unchecked it and it's still scanning. Also if you hit the menu button there is a scan button. Attachment 25098
    05-08-2012 11:36 PM
  5. JayWill's Avatar
    I unchecked it and it's still scanning. Also if you hit the menu button there is a scan button.
    Yeah unchecking that box won't stop the scanning while you have the wifi settings window open, only disable notification pop ups when you enter the area of an open wifi network. Regarding the scan button and ICS, what I meant was, that scanning message and circle doesn't exist on the ICS ROM, and the scan button is at the bottom of the screen rather than in the menu.

    But even with the settings menu open, you will still see different networks pop in and out of the list, which tells me it's still scanning. However, as I said in my first reply, the standing theory is the phone stops scanning for networks when that settings window is closed. Whether that's indeed the case or not I don't know.

    If you're rooted, you can edit the build.prop file to increase the wifi scanning interval, but that's the only way I know how to improve the situation other than turning wifi off completely.
    05-09-2012 06:05 PM
  6. boriqua2000's Avatar
    i think i just found out whats going on with my phone.. Sprint Makes Smarter Smartphones, Will Release 15 LTE Devices This Year
    05-10-2012 04:44 AM
  7. gingram's Avatar
    Mine has been doing the same thing after the update...Now my battery is draining faster...maybe from the constant scanning?
    05-14-2012 02:33 PM
  8. boriqua2000's Avatar
    More than likely. My battery is draining way too fast
    05-14-2012 06:57 PM
  9. panamar's Avatar
    just remove some of the saved networks on your list to make its job a little easier, I believe that when you get out of that menu wifi stops scanning. no problems with battery as of yet.
    03-28-2013 09:56 AM