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    I just looked at the history tab of one of my contacts, and I see that every single phone call or sms is stored in there. Nice (i guess), but I picture it taking a lot of space as it fills up.

    Is there a way to limit how many days back it stores? Or is it set to a default amount (10 days, 20 days, etc).
    05-10-2012 11:00 AM
  2. crumbkake's Avatar
    Well, you can get rid of the call log by going to contacts, logs, hit menu, choose delete. Then you can choose what gets punted. More or less the same process for texts, but honestly the logs are pretty much nothing space wise.
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    05-13-2012 02:18 AM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    The history is probably connected to the sms and call log threads. Delete those threads and you'll ve good to go :-).

    If there's anything important backup with a third party app.

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    05-13-2012 12:03 PM
  4. Murphy5111's Avatar
    there's a free app called history eraser that may help too. I use it occasionally when my text threads started to get out of control
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    05-13-2012 04:43 PM