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    Just curious about something. Before upgrading to this phone about a month ago I looked into it for a very long time. On every single review I read or YouTube video I watched, time and time again users stated that they have yet to see a hint of lag on the phone. This was a major selling point for me when upgrading.

    So I get the epic 4g touch and right away I start getting lag when navigating through homescreens. It's smooth for one or two swipes and then it s try arts getting choppy just like my evo 4g was. Thinking I got a lemon, I took it back to sprint and got a replacement. It's exactly the same thing with the new one. I'll admit that It's a very smooth phone most of the time but I get very reliable lag and screen shutter while using it day to day. It's just nothing like it was advertised. Even playing games like shadowgun, it's horribly laggy, it doesn't run it any better than my evidence did. I switched to go launcher but it's still not buttery smooth like I was hoping. I can't even use the native web browser because scrolling is so choppy and every time I pinch to zoom I get flashes of checkerboard. The native lockscreen is the worst. Of course when I tried to recreate this issue for the folks at the sprint store everything was flawless...

    Did I get two lemons in a row? Are your phones lag free like review after review after review states? On a side not I do love the phone. I'm just curious really.
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    05-12-2012 01:13 AM
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    Umm, I really haven't experienced much lag except maybe right when I start up the phone as go launcher initializes and I've yet to play a game that causes lag.

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    05-12-2012 02:01 AM
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    Do the transition effects in go launcher run smooth on yours? I have to use the default one because all the others stutter really bad.

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    05-12-2012 10:05 AM
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    I don't see any lag on a day to day basis. The most of anything I see is if my phone is trying to download a podcast, and I'm working in the browser, and I try to go to Twitter, sometimes, it might seem a little laggy. Its certainly odd that you may have received two lemons in a row, but since launch day, the issue of lag has never crossed my mind.
    05-12-2012 11:30 AM
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    I haven't seen lag since upswing to ICS FD26. Gingerbread is good, but 4.0.4 do far is impressive. And if you over work any phone, it will lag. Even att one x can be forced to lag.

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    05-12-2012 11:50 AM
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    It's really not a deal breaker by any means. This is still the fastest phone I've very owned and it is the perfect size and the display is just gorgeous. It looks so crisp and clear to me also.

    Is the display really that sub par now compared to newer screens? Has anyone done side by side comparisons with a 720p display? How noticeable is the resolution difference? The only thing that doesn't look super crisp on this phone is YouTube video but they still loom amazing compared to my evo and blackberry curve. Sorry I know this is off topic.

    Anyway, I'm really hoping ICS smooths things out a bit. Maybe I'm just being overly picky. I've never seen even the slightest stutter on my wife's iPhone and I kind of hoped for the same on this phone since it packs much bigger balls.

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    05-12-2012 12:23 PM
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    The HD screens are better... But in reality it's not that huge of a difference. The one x screen is beautiful but not worth the hassle of dropping my contract and running a gsm device. The nexus screen is pretty good, but not worth the weaker hardware. Next to the one x in my opinion, the epic 4g touch is the best phone on rye market. The lower resolution isn't that huge of a difference in a sub five inch screen. Not nearly the difference as if we were talking about a fifty inch screen.go check one out for yourself and you will understand a little better.

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    05-12-2012 12:29 PM
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    I definitely do not notice lag. Hell, even my Koi Live WP runs buttery smooth, and I keep that thing maxed out. Screen swipes are always smooth, and I have yet to find a game in the Play Store that taxes my phone to the point of it lagging out. You may have just gotten 2 bad phones. It's not unheard of.
    05-12-2012 01:58 PM
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    I had this phone since November and had the lag you mention a few times and it is always one or the the combination of two apps that do it. Scramble With Friends and AVG didn't like one another. Took one off works fine, swapped to the other fine. So I'd widdle your apps to just what you need every day at least twice a day then see if that helps. Take any security apps off as Lookout seemed to have a bad effect on mine which is why I use AVG.
    05-12-2012 09:12 PM