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    On the phone at this moment pre-ordering the GS3 from Tmobile..I will be paying about 15 dollars more per month because I have an employee discount with Sprint but sorry I can't take the horrendous data speeds that Sprint is offering its customers with no solution in sight. Went to tmobile the other day and there network blazes at 2mbps while Sprint averages 400ms and 60kbs speeds. There is no way Ill pick up a GS3 from Sprint while its network (4g) isn't even turned on for testing and have a powerful phone like the GS3 be hampered down by a [deleted] network..I'll be selling the GS2 on CS for 250.00 and sending Sprint a letter of lawsuit intent just in case they try to hit me with the cancellation fee, because I refuse to pay for a service that is unusable and ineffective all through the USA. They have failed to live up the their service expecations and they themselves should know this. Hello TMOBILE!!!
    06-04-2012 10:40 PM
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    You are not going to have unlimited data and 3g speeds are expected to suck.

    Also your phone will be limited to pre4g technology. Sprint will soon be releasing LTE. Also if you were planning on spending 15 extra bucks a month, I would have went with Verizon since they actually have the largest LTE network built out.

    I plan on sticking with Sprint, because I already have unlimited data plan and I live in Philadelphia which is expecting to get LTE probably before the end of the year.

    I give your decision a grade of: WTF?!?!
    06-04-2012 11:31 PM
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    06-04-2012 11:40 PM