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    If I am currently on cm9 alpha 5 and want to update to alpha six can I use rom manager? When I updated from 4-5 I had to direct boot cwm recovery using mobile odin because cm9 doesn't have it built in... then I wiped everything then used calkuins format all then flashed an el26 kernal for ics roms then flashed cm9 and then flashed new Google apps. It worked just fine but required a lot of steps. My question is.. if I go into rom manager it gives me the option to install cwm recovery.. if I installed it would my phone still be operational or would this not be compadable with cm9.. Next question is if I can do cwm can I then also install the update through rom manager? I've never used rom manager but it seems like it would make things a ton easier, I used to love pre ware and this seems kind of like that.. thanks in advance.. its forums like this that make this phone much more fun to use.... I went from knowing nothing to flashing and using 3 different roms so far in three weeks... thanks to a lot of help from u guys and I'm gaining lots of knowledge!! Still lots to learn!!!

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    06-14-2012 08:42 PM
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    I highly suggest not using ROM Manager on this phone, especially if you're on an ICS kernel. The EMMC firmware brick issue has been identified but a universal workaround hasn't been implemented across the board yet. In other words, there still is some risk of hard bricking your phone if you perform a wipe function from recovery while on an ICS kernel.

    For now, do your flashing from EL26 + CWM and don't worry about having custom recovery on your phone full time just yet. Soon this will be a non-issue once all the developers get the proper protections in place.

    Hopefully I didn't confuse the heck out of you. This whole issue is rather confusing actually.

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    06-14-2012 10:52 PM