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    So I am in market to buy a desktop as well as car charger for my Epic Touch, and few days ago I saw the accessory tip post from Kevin on AC about Blackberry premium charger also rapid charging Android devices (linky). This made me start thinking what qualifies a charger as rapid charger? So if a charger has high amperage, does this make it a rapid phone charger? Does that mean if I get a 2.0Amp, or 3.1Amp usb car chargers available for ipad on amazon, would they also rapid charge my epic touch? By same assumption, would a 3.1Amp charger charge my device more rapidly than a 2.0Amp charger? Then would we still consider a 1.0Amp charger a rapid charger for our device since Epic's stock charger is already 1amp (or close, I am not sure)? I understand rapid charging is not good for device in long run, but with new and better phones coming every year, I am not planning on keeping my device for many number of years anyway.

    I wanted to post it in the accessory forum, but then its a general question I am asking so thought it should be posted in main forum here. If moderators feel it otherwise, please move it to where it fits.
    06-16-2012 01:13 AM
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    What defines it as rapid is the ability to provide high enough current to quickly charge a depleted battery and when it nears the top the device will limit the amount of current its consuming and slow down the charge.
    Anythying 500mA and under would take a lot longer to charge. The standard charger that came with it was 1A.
    Also, putting more current will do nothing. The device its self will limit the amount of current that goes into the device to keep it from over heating, over charging, and basically damaging the device.
    If the device can handle more current, (maybe a custom Kernel) then getting a higher rated charger would in fact charge it faster.

    Tablets, which have between 4000 and 7000mAh batteries usually take 2A wall chargers.
    Larger battery, longer to charge, so the devices are adjusted to take more current to be able to charge them accordingly.
    So our 2000mAh battery at 1A will charge as fast as a 4000mAh battery charging at 2A.
    LOL its all fuzzy math. And im sure i did a bad job explaining it.
    But bottom line is chargers are made from 500mA to several Amps. THe device is designed to cut off at around 1A so putting a 2A on there wont hurt it. BUt it also wont make it charge any faster unless the device can accept MORE then 1A.
    06-16-2012 04:40 PM
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    Does Android have a manufacturer making rapid chargers for our devices? Or should we just purchase the BB charger?
    06-16-2012 06:16 PM
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    Does Android have a manufacturer making rapid chargers for our devices? Or should we just purchase the BB charger?
    Android is an Operating System. Its a platform set up on many different hardware devices from manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung and others.

    You should be able to purchase any charger that has an output of 5V DC with around 1A and has a Micro USB Connector.

    Several years ago micro USB was set to be an industry standard for a few reasons.
    Micro USB Chargers AndroidTechGuy
    That is something i wrote up last year about chargers and devices. Keep in mind im a tech and not a professional writer.
    06-18-2012 04:51 PM