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    It's time to get a new business phone to replace my 5-yr old BB 8830. I spend 85% of my time in a 3G environment, with little likelihood of Sprint expanding 4G LTE to my area. My phone choices are:
    Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (wife just got one last weekend)
    Samsung Galaxy S III
    Apple iPhone 4S
    The phone's camera will seldom be used.
    Which phone offers the best value?
    Which phone has the best overall performance?
    06-21-2012 10:56 AM
  2. Hawaiian_Geek's Avatar
    Get the SG III...nuff said.....then you'll be ready when Sprint comes out with their 4G LTE....
    06-21-2012 11:30 AM
  3. JayWill's Avatar
    Add another vote for the GSIII. In my book, it's the best phone on your list. I would buy it myself but I'm perfectly happy with the GSII. I'm gonna wait to see what 2014 has to offer.

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    06-21-2012 12:18 PM
  4. davis.rob's Avatar
    All really good phones ... I don't think there's actually much difference in performance and value (the E4GT should be cheaper now, so that might be a better "value"). I think it's as much a personal preference as anything. Obviously IOS is much different than Android, so that's a big choice. The E4GT is a little behind in screen technology, but still a great screen IMHO, so maybe not a big deal. If you have any WiMax now, and don't expect to get LTE any time soon, then at least the E4GT and iPhone can make use of the WiMax (where the GS3 and EVO can't).The small screen on the iPhone would be a deal breaker for me, but again that's a personal preference.

    Tough choice IMO, but chances are you won't be too disappointed with any of those. Have you had any "hands on" time with all of these? I'd suggest that if at all possible. If it was me, I'd probably go for the GS3 ... but that's really the point ... its not me.
    06-21-2012 12:53 PM
  5. Biggnaa20's Avatar
    Davis Rob,

    One small edit: the Sprint iPhone can't use the Wimax network either. Apple didn't bake in 4g support. I agree with everything else you said though!

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    06-21-2012 03:34 PM
  6. Sgooter's Avatar
    Thanks to all for your helpful inputs. l'll probably wait 1-2 weeks to decide while digesting the soon-to-be praises and barbs from owners of the new GSIII. I'm leaning (just slightly) toward the GS III, but the E4GT for $99 is certainly tempting.
    06-21-2012 03:50 PM
  7. Gator352's Avatar
    SgsIII. I have the e4gt now and love it but would get the sgsIII if I could.
    06-21-2012 03:58 PM
  8. Tonay's Avatar
    And another vote goes too....GS3!!!!
    06-21-2012 11:18 PM
  9. Sgooter's Avatar
    SgsIII. I have the e4gt now and love it but would get the sgsIII if I could.
    OK, why would you give up your E4GT for the SGIII - please explain.
    06-22-2012 06:01 AM
  10. Mercury81's Avatar
    I would go with the Evo4GLTE just for its long standing reliability and reduced lag that Sammy's are notorious for, not to mention their sub par radios and display screens. Just saying

    from Evo4GLTE on Android Central
    06-22-2012 06:13 AM
  11. blues runner's Avatar
    This is a tough decision and you've been given many valid points to ponder. I have the E4GT and I love the phone; it does everything I need it to, and quite smoothly. Got it last November and it has come through beautifully as far as media and work stuff. Plus, if you root your device and then install a custom ROM of your liking, that's like a new phone in itself. Android is the obvious choice for me. While Apple makes great phones to be sure, I much prefer the open source reality and versatility of Android. I'm with JayWill72 in that I'd probably opt for the Galaxy S III if I'd be looking to upgrade, but I really am happy with my E4GT. As low as the price has gone for this phone, I think this is probably your best bet. But that's me of course. Happy choosing and let us know which one you decided on.
    06-22-2012 06:42 AM
  12. Dark_Knight2's Avatar
    The ET4G is an amazing device. The GS3 isnt a huge upgrade from the GS2 so im sticking with my ET4G til the GS4 is released.

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    06-24-2012 02:10 PM