1. peezzy1's Avatar
    installing cm9 on my epic touch today....im on the clockworkmod recovery screen where im supposed to install the actuall cm9 rom on my phone only there is no cm9 rom to install on the phone....i thought i put it on my sd card but i guess i didnt....is there any way to install the rom in its current state and if so how....and if not then how can i restore it to its og state and try again?
    Please help android community!

    thanks Android Noob
    07-01-2012 06:24 PM
  2. blitzen89's Avatar
    im not exactly a pro with this stuff, but i feel like read youre not supposed to have cwm with CM9...
    07-01-2012 06:36 PM
  3. peezzy1's Avatar
    i only followed what the site stated....[url]http://e4gtcm.blogspot.com/p/cm9-install-guide.html is there any way i can flash back to stock gingerbread and start over
    07-01-2012 06:42 PM
  4. DEF3NDER's Avatar
    I'm confused... so you installed cm9 today and now your on the cwm recovery screen where you install the rom? So what exactly did you install previously? If you haven't installed the rom yet shouldn't you be able to boot your phone with whatever rom is on there now and then hook it back up to the computer and put the cm9 rom on your sd?
    07-02-2012 12:01 AM
  5. peezzy1's Avatar
    yea im at the point where i install the rom....but the rom isnt there for me to install....and i cant install the rom on my sd card cause for some reason im locked out of it and my computer isnt recognizing my phone to reinstall the cm9 rom
    07-02-2012 12:46 AM
  6. DEF3NDER's Avatar
    So if you haven't flashed the new rom then your old one should still be on there so how come you can't just reboot your phone? Or am I missing something?

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    07-02-2012 11:07 AM