1. kafouch's Avatar
    I am having a problem with sending videos through text after taking them with the camcorder on my phone. They record great but as soon as I send them in a text they are all choppy? Any ideas?
    07-07-2012 09:39 PM
  2. sparkeater79's Avatar
    Are you changing the video quality? When you send a video via messenging, they are in the lowest quality. I am not sure exactly how to send a high quality video, but you do want to look at the settings and your video quality
    07-07-2012 09:58 PM
  3. Utah_Utes_Man's Avatar
    MMS will always reduce pic & video quality unfortunately. Use email or upload HQ to youtube and text the youtube link.

    Sent from my SPH-D710
    07-09-2012 08:40 PM