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    This is pissing me off so bad. EVERYwhere I look, never has a straight answer. All I want to do is remove CWM, to get the ICS update.

    So in an act of rage I create this thread.

    I used the same RUNFIRST file then pressed B (uninstall root) I'm assuming that was stupid and should have just used the Odin OC to remove it? Now it seems I have unrooted, but still have the CWM recovery.

    EDIT: I just RE-rooted with the Odin OC, anyway, and it solved my issue. Sorry for the waste of a thread, but I'm going to leave it here for everyones amusement.. Want to know the best part...?

    Sprint just trolled me hard. I Reboot the phone "Checking for firmware updates" I figure YAY... "No new updates found"

    Now to manually install...
    07-12-2012 06:39 PM