1. FrostyGTA's Avatar
    I have my Facebook contacts sync'ed and it would pull their profile pics into my contacts app along with the stock messaging app...then suddenly all of the profile pics went away and they were blank...can anyone tell me WTF happened? How do I get them back?
    07-19-2012 07:27 AM
  2. FrostyGTA's Avatar
    No one? FML
    07-19-2012 10:02 PM
  3. Uglyfido's Avatar
    Some say that you can re-sync the contacts rom fb and that brings them back. Others say delete the FB app and re-install it, thus forcing the sync, which returns your pictures. I haven't done either one because I do not need all of my FB friends to be synced to my phone contacts. Sorry I can't help you out more.
    07-21-2012 02:59 PM