1. michaeljc70's Avatar
    I was really disappointed that pressing a wired headset button in ICS brings up the dialer rather than stops/starts music playing.

    Has anyone found a way around this? If my phone is in my pocket and I am listening to music, bringing up the dialer is useless.
    07-20-2012 09:00 AM
  2. packhntr's Avatar
    There are many apps on "Play" that can cover this. Be aware, if you are using Klipsche S4A's the button controls DO NOT WORK on this phone....they're useless.
    07-20-2012 09:57 AM
  3. michaeljc70's Avatar
    The one I tried didn't work. It was Headset Control. None of those worked on Gingerbread either.

    I believe it is because Samsung changes the standard Android behavior.
    07-20-2012 10:00 AM
  4. packhntr's Avatar
    This is an issue with the phone itself.....many headset controllers will not work for some reason, not the OS. I have a set of the Klipsche ones and they're useless.....Klipsche even released a statement saying they will not work AFTER I bought mine. I am going to end up buying some Samsung EHS71's. They WILL work.
    07-20-2012 10:17 AM
  5. michaeljc70's Avatar
    It is sad that this doesn't even work with the standard Android music app. This is the thing I hate most about this phone. My old HTC handled the headset button correctly. Apparently this is one of hte few phones that screws it up.
    07-20-2012 10:24 AM
  6. packhntr's Avatar
    Yeah...it sucks. Sammy's answer to it is to come out with their own line of earphones that does work. I just don't want to spend the $$$ right now. Just using my old Skullcandy Titans for now.
    07-20-2012 10:29 AM