1. RLesak's Avatar
    I can't take it any more. I called Samsung support to find out what headset would work with my sprint epic 4g (sph-d710) and I ended up purchasing a HM7000. (this was to replace my Blueant T1 which did the same thing this new one does) After pairing etc... you tap the button and it starts (sometimes not) with "what would you like to do" (voice talk app) then beep and i say call.... or play... or search...etc. it will do what i ask but, when the call is over the damn thing keeps repeating over and over "what do you want to do" non stop over and over again. I have to turn the phone off to get it to stop. Pushing the headset button does nothing. I like the convenience of a headset but, this is driving me nuts.. and Samsung support or Sprint support is useless. Anyone got a fix?
    07-22-2012 04:04 PM
  2. Stearmandriver's Avatar
    Happens to me too, unless i turn the phone on first (unlock the screen i mean). Then i can usethe voice commands... But then, that somewhat defeats the purpose. I don't mean to be someone who whines about every little difference of an update, but.. Really? No one tested basic Bluetooth and voice command functions on what is supposed to be a high end device? It's hard to believe...
    07-22-2012 04:36 PM