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    If im on stock el29 ..... I instaled using one click root and then put on rouge kernal...... without losing my flash to pp.... It took forever trying to get ha and aa keys to stick cuz they wouldn't work in qpst or in dfs.... So I had a guy on xda help me thru a virtual comm port over show internet.... Uber laggy hughesnet that wouldn't work to flash keys.... Then McDonalds wifi @ most 100kbps and lagging out somehow though finally got ha and aa keys flashed with just 9% battery left on laptop at McDonalds it finally took I don't want to have to go back thru that again..... I want to know if I can go from GB to shadow gods universe ROM or any ics ROM after using calks format all (required to make roms work) without losing my flash with working data and mms.....

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    07-23-2012 06:49 PM