1. bluemagicx's Avatar
    So I noticed after my ICS update that after my phone sits for a while, maybe 30 mins. and I wake it up my Weather bug info will not update, I cant access the internet and none of my apps that use the internet or data will work. I have to turn off wifi and then back on, then its fine.
    When I am away from wifi, no issues. My wife's phone seems fine. Bad app or data?
    Otherwise no big issues other than the camera lags on opening sometimes.
    If I tell wifi to sleep, then its also fine.
    Update: If I wake the phone up before the wifi sleeps same issue. I also found that if I reset my router without turning off wifi on the phone, that works. grrrr. didnt have this issue with Gingerbread.
    07-23-2012 09:37 PM