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    So went into my local Sprint store here in Houston to let them know that I have yet to get ICS on my Epic 4G Touch. After a couple of calls made by the Rep at the store comes to find out that Samsung has totally stopped the update to many devices due to many issues with the update. The Rep at Samsung went as far to say that it is possible that many Epic 4g touch devices may never get the update due to these issues. Once again Sprint has failed to inform their customers of this issue and still continue to act like dumb asses. Samsung and Sprint are really pissin in many peoples cherrios. I for one am tired of the BS and gonna drop them like a mean . Later Peeps.
    07-25-2012 07:07 PM
  2. GiantJay's Avatar
    Just do as this video says. Some people have issues but I think the good out weigh the bad. And you can always go back to stock el29 if you don't like it. Qbking77 has a video to do that to if you decide. I would also recommend going over to the xda developers website and reading if you have any questions.

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    07-25-2012 07:52 PM