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    I was told that the advanced task killer apps are bad for the s2. Never had a problem with my evo 4g but noticed extra lagging and slow downs on my s2. And advice witch apps i should use? Right now im using task manager on ics it seems to be working but still figuring out the phone and system.

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    08-05-2012 02:45 AM
  2. hakimmmmm's Avatar
    Task killers r problem to anyphone unless they come wit the phone like samsung mobiles

    If you want to uuse 3th party task killer then make sure you exclude the home launcher in taks killer otherwise it wil kill the launcher n couse lagg cuz of reloading the launcher and many other unwanted errors. So carefull

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    08-05-2012 03:41 AM
  3. robneilhendrix's Avatar
    Advanced Task Manager is what I use on my phone and Nexus 7. It automates killing every hour and kills after a delay when the phone boots up. I placed the launcher and GOSMS set on the ignore list and everything runs smooth.

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    08-05-2012 08:35 PM
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    Juice Defender solved my battery issues where nothing else did, not even Advanced Task killer. I went from maybe an hour of solid on screen time to <15% battery to 4 hr 15 min of battery with same amount of screen time, both on wifi. Juice Defender does an amazing job of radio management, including wifi, which for me being in a fringe area with 3G or 1x service and no 4G at all, was the key to battery life. I was lucky to get 4 hrs on a charge with no use while driving and no calls, etc. It was well worth getting the Ultimate version which allows tweaking for individual apps. Best app ever for me.

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    08-05-2012 09:19 PM
  5. jay28w's Avatar
    JuiceDefender, the freebie is great, and JuiceDefender Plus for 5.99 +/- is even better.

    I synch 8 email accounts, am on Twitter about 10 minutes per hour, check a couple dozen news feeds multiple times each day and I can last a solid 6 to 8 hours. I will note, this is with Aggressive settings in JuiceDefender Plus which practically turns off all app sync except for 1x per 30 minutes. Once I got use to it, I have loved it.
    08-06-2012 08:27 AM
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    I totally agree with the recommendation for Juice Defender! --- However, if you've performed the ICS update, I strongly recommend opting for the Juice Defender BETA in the Play store, as opposed the to standard Juice Defender Lite/Free app. I experienced some glitches with the standard Free app, then uninstalled and moved to the Free Beta app (after reading some forum recommendations) and the glitches disappeared!

    Then, if you want full control... upgrade the Beta to Juice Defender Plus or Ultimate. I love the Locations and App management functionality provided by Ultimate.

    I give Juice Defender some very high marks for battery performance improvement, but you need to invest a little time to learn what the program can do and how to set each of the settings for your specific needs. Good Luck!
    08-08-2012 02:16 PM