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    I bought the car dock for the Samsung Infuse because it was discounted, but also works for Epic 4g touch. Once I got Ice Cream Sandwich, I started using the stock ICS Launcher instead of Touchwiz. One thing I noticed was when I put my phone in my car dock, it automatically rotated my homescreens to landscape. This only happens with the stock launcher. It doesn't rotate homescreens in the touchwiz launcher while in the car dock. I thought if I downloaded an app to manually put my phone into car dock mode, maybe i'd be able to have the landscape homescreens all the time instead of just when my phone is in my car dock. I downloaded a couple of different apps to manually put my phone into car dock mode("car mode control" was one). It puts my phone in car mode, but the homescreens won't landscape in car mode - only in my car dock. If anyone has an idea of how I can get this resolved, let me know. I know there our different launchers that I may be able to use, but I really like the stock ics launher. Thanks for any help.
    08-05-2012 06:45 PM