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    I work in a building (a school) where most of the time I get no signal at all. However, in most places I am able to connect to the work wifi. I've been reading some posts where people are saying to set wifi to "sleep" when the phone is not in use to save battery life. Is that the best thing to do in my situation where I probably won't be receiving a signal? If not, then what would your suggestion be for my situation while I'm at work trying to save battery? Thanks!

    P.S. - Also, it seems like even when I'm in a room in the center of the building and have absolutely no phone signal but do have a super strong wifi signal, the battery drains at a very quick rate. Shouldn't the wifi "override" the lack of signal to stop battery drain? This is not an ICS thing as the same thing would happen with GB.
    08-08-2012 06:55 AM
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    If your in an area with no signal and the device is looking for signal its going to kill the battery.
    if you know your going to be in the spot for a while turn off network, and use WiFi only.
    THis will drastically improve your battery.
    Once you leave the room or area and know your back in coverage turn back on the network radios.
    THe sleep thing for WIFi is a joke.
    When this happens it reverts back to the sprint network and that consumes more juice.
    WiFI is lower power and more efficient.
    I have mine set to never sleep, always on, but i do turn it off while im driving or at a place with no wifi.
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    08-08-2012 05:45 PM