1. anon(698137)'s Avatar
    Maybe someone can help me or maybe i'm SOL but here is the situation. I had GB and all was fine (typical story I know) with my ringtones they would play and they would play the entire file. Now with ICS the same ringtone that played fine before is now cutting off. And its not just happening if I set it as a ringtone or notification but if I just play it in the music player it cuts off the same way. I have sine reformatted the SD card and loaded them on again and same issue. I play the same file on my pc and it plays in its entirety so I know it is this stupid phone and ICS. Is this now the normal or am I missing something I have to change?

    Any help would be appreciated. I am thiiiis close to going back to GB because of all these new issues I am finding.
    08-10-2012 08:29 AM
  2. JimSmith94's Avatar
    Not sure if it's related, but I've had similar problems. I haven't seen anyone else post about it though, until you did.

    I had a Sprint Galaxy Nexus running JB 4.1.1 for a while, and copied my GB ringtones to its built in SD card. A couple of my favorites, "Club_RocknRoll.ogg" in particular, played very choppily and skipped back and forth when played in that phone's media player.

    I went back to my E4GT and tried a JB ROM on it. The same ringtone, on the same physical SD card did exactly the same skipping. I went back to my trusty Calkulin 3.0 GB and all ringtones play as they should.

    I suspect something in the newer media player software is causing the problem, but I haven't tried swapping them out.

    Anyone else had the same experience and maybe a solution? I'm tempted to flash at least an ICS ROM too, but I don't want to have to put up with flaky performance like this again.
    08-10-2012 07:14 PM
  3. AzothRei's Avatar
    I am having the same problems. I want it fixed because I I am barely noticing my phone even ringing! Using astro the sound plays the while way but when It's in a media player or ringer it just quits. Someone's got to have an answer. Running ICS 4.0.4
    11-18-2012 08:13 AM
  4. AzothRei's Avatar
    Anyone figure anything out? I'm using Go sms, launcher, the works. Is this related?
    12-01-2012 12:21 AM
  5. JimSmith94's Avatar
    I have switched phones, but I copied my favorite ringtones to the internal sdcard and they all play smoothly, no choppiness or skipping at all. Might be worth a try.
    12-01-2012 03:39 PM
  6. AzothRei's Avatar
    Still Galaxy II?
    01-05-2013 05:15 AM