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    Actually posted this question before and the answer worked but not anymore. At first I plugged in my phone to my computer via USB and couldn't see any files in the listed folders for my phone. Then someone said to do the USB Debugging option then plug in to the computer via USB so I could see all my files on both the phone and SD card. It worked! I saw my phone and SD card listed as separate drives on my computer under each I saw all my files and I easily offloaded them. It worked back then, not now. Now when I do that same scenario, I get the MTP and PTP options on the phone and the computer has the phone listed as SPH-D710 under which I see folders: Android, external_sd, lost, and usbStorage - none of which have my files. So what gives?! I have since transitioned to ICS from Honeycomb, could that have caused a change or problem? Help!
    08-20-2012 11:01 AM