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    I rooted my phone after the ICS update and have had no luck flashing the latest stable version of CyanogenMod. I've tried flashing through AGAT recovery from the zip but fails every time. First I have no idea why I have this recovery and not Clockwork Mod. I thought maybe it was the recovery that wasn't letting my install CM 9 so I downloaded ROM Manager and through the app flashed the latest version of Clockwork Mod. Then booted to recovery through ROM Manager but cannot scroll through the menu, the volume keys do nothing. Anyways basically I want to install CM 9 because ICS has given my phone many problems. Does anyone know what is the best approach. Thanks in advance.
    08-31-2012 09:28 PM
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    First off, Rom Manager sucks. Just saying. Second, make sure your download isn't bad, and that it's for our phone and not one of the other variants.

    That being said, the safest way to flash anything, especially cm9 variants, is with the el26 kernel and recovery because it doesn't have the 'brick bug'. I'm pretty sure AGAT's are safe too, but since you're having issues with it (and have overwritten it with the one from rom manager), I'd try the el26 method. If you have Mobile Odin its super easy. You can get it for free from xda.

    Once you have that, download the stock el26.tar from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?u0hs65d1utb3fe4 Once it's downloaded, open that file inside of Mobile Odin then choose 'Flash firmware'. It will flash the el26 kernel and recovery for you and then reboot your phone.

    Since you're on ICS, you'll need to pull the battery because it won't boot (bc GB kernels aren't compatible with ICS), then boot into recovery and simply flash your cm9 rom. The rom will come with it's own kernel and recovery that it will install, so don't worry about having the el26 one on there, as it will basically be overwritten.

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    09-01-2012 12:35 AM