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    Recently out of the blue, when I wake up the phone, I've started seeing the external SD card icon in the notifications bar as if it's being prepared. Since I've started noticing this, sometimes the camera just won't activate - I tap the camera and it is blank for several seconds, then sometimes it is active, sometimes it never comes on. The camera is set to record to the external SD. This is obviously a big problem. If I set the camera to record to the internal storage, the problem goes away and the camera activates instantly. Can someone suggest a fix? Rebooting is no help, but maybe removing and reinserting the card? Not sure what the right procedure is.
    10-06-2012 04:57 PM
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    Android will default to the internal storage if the sd card has problems. It has happened on mine a few times because i originally had a class 4 flaky card. It would work sometimes and sometimes not.

    I bought a new class 10 card from a major oem and have had no issues since.

    It does sound like the driver is being dropped from memory when the device is off, though. You may be seeing the icon because the card is being re-mounted nevery time you turn on the device.

    Another thing it could be is a bad sd slot.

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    10-06-2012 05:13 PM

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