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    If you're having "Charging Paused. Voltage too high.." warnings, you may need to take it into a Sprint store and have them clean the USB contacts on the phone. See below for details and videos of the issue(s).

    Starting the day before Thanksgiving I started having a strange problem where the phone would start warning me that "Charging Paused. Voltage too high." This occurred with the phone on or off the OE Samsung wall charger. So, I pulled the battery and waited for about 5 minutes. The issue persisted.

    The strange part is that after a while, a new lock screen appeared, one I have never seen before. This is now the second time with this phone that I've had a strange home screen appear without modification on my part except for rooting in the first instance. See the post HERE. (True, it could be an app that I've installed that changed it, but I for sure haven't initiated and lock screen changes through an app other than to add time and weather on the stock lock screen.)

    Here's a video of the issue in action:

    So, I did a factory refresh thinking that it must be an app or something going sideways. However, the issue persisted now with multiple wakes and the vlingo app opening for some reason.

    So, I took it to the Sprint store and they told me that the tech opened the phone to look for water damage (I assume they found none since it hasn't been submerged, and they didn't mention that they did find any traces of water damage.) They said they cleaned the contacts on the USB connection with a chemical (which one, I don't know. Maybe unicorn tears?) and they charged it for 40 minutes without issue. My only thought is that it's due to humidity (I do take it into the bathroom when I shower).

    Almost 12 hours later, the issue hasn't returned. But I still can't figure out how that lock screen appeared for no reason. Doesn't make sense to me that the issue they apparently corrected could cause an app to start or a setting to change.

    Hopefully someone might have some ideas to the lock screen issue or at least it will serve someone in the future if they run across this issue.
    11-24-2012 01:14 AM
  2. Helen Christmas's Avatar
    the chemical they probably used is rubbing alcohol. I use it to clean phones I've helped repair. I'm having your battery issue so thanks for posting this and I'm doing surgery later to clean USB! Qtip with rubbing alcohol cleans great especially camera screens and mother boards because it dries fast without damage.
    11-29-2012 07:21 AM

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