1. xcmiler's Avatar
    I dropped my Epic Touch 4g at the theatre last saturday. The glass part of the screen cracked but the lcd and digitizer didn't appear to be damaged. Then, on Tuesday night, my phone fell off my sofa when I moved my laptop. It didn't seem to have fallen to hard (I've dropped it from higher places, etc. before.) I put my phone in the charger and went to bed. The phone turned off and on like twice while it was in the charger.

    The next morning, I was using the phone and tried to switch off the screen with the power button but pressing the button didn't do anything. I tried several times and then it finally worked. When I tried to turn the screen back on, I kept getting the airplanemode-sound-poweroff pop up several times before I got it to let me put my password in. A few minutes later, my phone turned off. I turned it back on, and it turned off again. I tried to turn it on a few more times, only for it to turn off again. Eventually, when I tried to turn it on, the blue notification light would blink, the "Galaxy SII" screen would come on, the phone would turn off, turn back on (by itself) get to the GSII screen, and just restart again. I would take the battery out to turn it off. A few times it got to the yellow 4G page, but it would just freeze.

    I think that the power button may be stuck but don't know how to exactly fix it. Also, do you think all the restarts and stuff bricked my phone? (I read that if the phone gets stuck at the 4G screen, it might be bricked). Thanks for your help!

    (I've tried resetting the phone with the buttons but everytime I select reset, the phone just restarts and then stops at the 4g screen again)
    12-06-2012 05:35 PM
  2. richardodn's Avatar
    Well for starters, it sounds like your phone is broken. However if you want to keep trying, see what happens when you have the phone on the charger. A bad battery can cause spontaneous reboots.
    12-11-2012 04:00 PM

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