1. D.P.G.'s Avatar
    I did a Profile update today and the phone began a 30 second count down to a reboot but had a red bar saying Emergency Call is this a new feature or is something strange going on here. If you press the red bar during the count down the phone calls 911.
    12-17-2012 08:41 PM
  2. isidro7181's Avatar
    its suppose to reboot with the profile update the emergency call is weird though
    12-18-2012 02:28 PM
  3. D.P.G.'s Avatar
    Can someone try updating their profile and see how the phone responds. Does it show a small box center screen with a countdown timer going from 30 to 0 seconds then it starts a reboot. But the question is, is the bottom 1/3 a red area saying "Emergency Call" be careful and let the phone reboot if you press it, it calls 911. This is a stock phone.
    12-18-2012 08:25 PM
  4. regression's Avatar
    Yeah, my old phone did that. It started fairly recently. So it isn't just your phone.

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
    12-18-2012 10:11 PM

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