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    I've searched on this forum and on other areas in the interwebs to find a solution to this problem. (social hub, email and the associated unexpected "stops"). I've seen solutions ranging from
    1. turning it off and on while plugged in will stop the issue
    2. Resetting your date to 12/1/12 for five minutes because of the 2/29/2013 bug
    3. uninstall FB and don't sync contacts again.
    4. Turn on Airport Mode and restart.

    To the ever present FACTORY RESET.

    The third one isn't viable because um, well, I want to be able to call people on the phone and if I only have their number through fb but that's not synced...
    And none of the others worked for me.

    I'm willing to do Factory Reset, but I think I may have some phone numbers on the phone itself. I can't find that Contacts Folder to move them over to my computer and don't know which ones to sync up to Google either. Looking for some advice before I throw the phone up against the wall again.
    01-02-2013 12:22 PM

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