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    Is there anywhere that says exactly how rooting is done? I've had an android phone for a while now and I haven't felt the need but I'm kind of itching now and I'm a total newb, seriously no idea how rooting is done. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it!
    01-29-2013 05:12 PM
  2. kcevans63's Avatar
    The easiest method is to use the one-click method via PC with the appropriate exe file for the ROM version you would like to use. Go to Rwilco 12's website and download the rooted version of the one-click ROM file to your PC and read the step-by-step tutorial associated with it. It is totally up to you which Android version, however, I recommend the GA10 rooted/restore exe file. This latest leaked JB ROM will automatically root your device upon flashing, but will also wipe your device allowing for a fresh and clean install. My suggestion to you is to read all you can in the forums in regards to your device (I'm assuming you have a Sprint GSll) prior to attempting any type of mods, including rooting. On the above mentioned website, you will find very helpful tutorials in regards to rooting your device and flashing ROMs, kernels, etc. and the various file formats that contain them.

    Sent from: deodexed and stripped GA10 w/Agats GA10 recovery E4GT
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    01-31-2013 08:33 PM
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    Follow this EXACTLY! Also before flashing a custom ROM, make sure that you READ READ READ!!! You don't want to brick your phone (make it useless because it will not turn on).

    You have to make sure that you are using a safe kernel/recovery. Like I said, READ READ READ!!!
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    01-31-2013 09:56 PM

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