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    Hello, I have recently been having a few issues with now two different gs2 devices. My first issue was hardware specific I from my understanding being that it was completely unusable. I was unresponsive and sometimes overly sensitive like the capacitive buttons. It constantly kept rebooting as if the button was always held down. So much so that I had to remove my tpu case. To add that didnt even take care of the problem, because in my pocket it still would act as if a finger was on the button randomly and as you can imagine was killing my battery. To end that story I took it to sprint and they told me, lol, its because my software was not up to date. Im still on eg30! Well they did the update and it didnt change a thing so they put me a new one on order, sweet! Fast forward, new phone came in the following evening went to get it and everything seemed fine other than the fact that i dont like ics. Once i left and got it home i noticed that it did not rotate in any app or screen that allowed landscape viewing. Whatever ill live with that. On to charging and a return to life with the gs2 as intended. "Charging stopped voltage too high." Wtf. Never seen this before. Im at 77 percent charge at this point so i unplug and try again. Cool. Next thing I know bleepbleep battery charged. W T F. Unplugg 77percent? Cut out a few things so i can wrap this up now when i charge it, it just continuously dies. Two new batteries also. Took it back to sprint and all they told me they would do was allow me to upgrade early which will cost me 150 plus the phone plus the activation. is there anything else i could do? Why wont they give me a loaner? Did they stop that? Why would they give me another broken phone? What other options do i have because i dont feel i should be paying them if my phone isnt working and they are fully aware? Apologies for the long post but thanks!
    02-03-2013 08:54 PM

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