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    ...And nothing's left behind app drawer but sad little grey shadows of their former selves.

    Yet the files still seem to be there, as do my music folders, and media players can still find and play all the material AFAI can tell. But I had a lot of apps on there, and it's where I'd configured Titanium to store the backups. In addition, when connecting the phone to the computer, I can still explore both the internal and external SD cards. In Windows, both SD cards appear as top-level folders on the mobile device; by contrast, in SD Maid Explorer the external SD card appears as a top level folder on the internal card. I don't know if it's always been that way or if it resulted from something I did today.

    Now what do I do?

    I don't think my external card is toast, because in that case I'd expect nothing on there to be accessible at all. As best I can tell, Titanium is now using only the backup files I made when I first set up the new phone, and they are on the internal card. Is it possible to merge the Titanium backup folder from the external card to the internal card, and then restore some of my missing apps? At the time I first ran Titanium, onto the internal card, there was a maximum backup count of one--the default setting. However, when I ran it again to capture all my newly installed apps, I had upped the count to three and pointed Titanium Backup towards the external card. This suggests to me that merging would work.

    I rooted last weekend, and today I installed the AGAT recovery kernel following QBKing77 instructions*. I did a Nandroid backup, that being the main reason I wanted a custom recovery. I've now restored from that backup, but the apps are still missing. Nandroid's been such a lifesaver in the past but even that hasn't saved me now.

    *In a YouTube video to which I can't seem to link to resulting in a one-click link. Instead the actual video appears messing up my syntax.
    02-09-2013 01:27 AM

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