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    Hey guys

    Newbie to the world of rooting and this forum. My phone is rebooted and am running on the 3.0.15-1083465 KERNEL for Sprint Epic 4G and not sure why, but the phone either shuts down completely or will reboot and then stays stable (at times shows the shutdown, reboot menu screen) for a few minutes and then either shuts down or reboots. What recourse do I have to fix this ? I am far from a pro at this, but my phone is practically useless. I want to go back to sprint to exchange the phone, but being the phone is rooted, it wont fly. I would try to uproot it, but being the phone will randomly re-boot, what are my options ? I have already wiped the phone clean , but the issue still persists. Any help would be great.
    02-15-2013 11:04 AM

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