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    I switched to Ting last month, used BYOD to keep my Epic 4g Touch. I had two lines on Sprint and my bill averaged $130.00 per month. I was getting a 25% corporate discount which I am no longer eligible for so my bill was going to be even higher had I stayed with Sprint. My first month bill for Ting with two lines was $36.

    Ting may not be for everyone, but, if your like me and have most of your data usage on wifi and limit your minutes, you may be able to benefit by switching. Dealing with Ting has been very straightforward. They also have very good management tools on their website and they listen to customer feedback. Ting uses Sprint's network, so service has been the same as on Sprint. Ting allows voice roaming but not data roaming.

    Check out their website, it can help you determine if switching may be cheaper for you. If you use my referral link you can get a discount on your first device or service credit, I'll get a discount too.
    02-17-2013 02:47 PM

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