1. TomD's Avatar
    Wanta see a dramatic improvement in battery life?

    Delete all your Google accounts. This is easily recoverable, just add them back in.

    There are so many apps and services from Google that much of the battery consumption for "Android OS" is from them.

    Their are a ton of Google apps and services on Android phones. They seem to be multiplying like rabbits. Many of them can't be uninstalled.

    What is your battery life experience when you delete your Google accounts?
    02-21-2013 08:28 AM
  2. sonicbluemustang's Avatar
    Some people dont know that syncing your contacts to your google account will save them and store your info on google server. So when adding them back to can create multiple entries. I would make sure they are all already synced first before you delete them.
    Also check out Deep Sleep Battery Saver.
    02-21-2013 09:05 AM

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