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    After updating Nova Launcher, Pocket Cast and Dropbox today my phone has literally randomly restarted at least 8 times today. Nothing even going on. Just opening an app. Multiple different apps. On device, on usb, on external sd. Has not made a difference what or where. Anybody else having this problem?

    What is weird is everything was fine this morning and then when I did an app update over wifi this all started. Is there a way to test which app it could be without going through and uninstalling/installing everything? Or finding out if it's a random battery problem? :/

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    02-27-2013 04:05 AM
  2. sparkeater79's Avatar
    This has been happening to me for weeks. I am ready to upgrade out of this buggy phone, but i have to wait until July. I am even wondering if ii want to steer clear of Samsung all together or is the s3 or s4 not having these stupid little glitches. I have had stupid glitch after stupid glitch on this phone and the customer service reps are telling me it is the software not hardware. Either way i might be looking at a different manufacturer when its time to upgrade.
    02-27-2013 01:34 PM
  3. smirghan's Avatar
    The sucks! It's been freezing off and on after I got ICS when it was released but never had to restart like this. It just randomly does it no matter what. It's insane.

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    02-27-2013 03:50 PM
  4. planase's Avatar
    Nova Launcher is your problem. I have it on a Motorola Xoom and have that problem when needs memory.
    Check the apps that constantly are connected and force closed the other apps and will work fine.

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    03-01-2013 11:39 AM
  5. sonicbluemustang's Avatar
    Sprint sent my wife a refurb that would do this multiple times a day, Factory resets didnt work either. Finally had to call em up for another refurb.
    03-01-2013 05:12 PM
  6. kozmo2k's Avatar
    The only steps you can try are:
    * factory reset/erase user data
    * format internal Storage
    * format external SD Card with the phone
    Hold off on installation of any new apps for little while and see if the problem is there. Then be selective on restoring your apps, especially data.
    If any of these steps fail on you, or the problem persist afterwards , then it is faulty hardware and Sprint should replace you phone.
    Keep in mind, unless you back your valuable data (I.e. pictures, emails, etc), it will be gone.
    99% of the time is corrupted data that causes the reboots.
    If you want to try to get a better idea what causes it, try to get logcat and dmesg from the device and analyze it.
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    03-01-2013 09:02 PM
  7. smirghan's Avatar
    Thanks for all the input guys but I think I singled out what's going on! So I did a full factory reset, a hard reset in the "debug" menu, and I even took it to Sprint and they said the battery was swollen and gave me a new battery (which is working better than my old battery btw yay) BUT none of these things fixed my problem. So what I did notice was it only seemed to happen a few seconds after I would turn on the screen. After trying to constantly turn on the screen with the power button, I realized it has something to do with the power button being at fault. It happens about half the time I turn on the screen. The screen turns on and then after about 10 seconds or so, bam, reset. OR the options menu for Airplane/Restart/Turn off pops up even after just tapping the button. So I would only have to assume it has to do with a hardware malfunction and not software.

    Has anybody had any experience with this? When I got my battery replaced at Sprint the tech guy said my phone is still in the 1 year manufactur warranty, is there a way to get this within Samsung's warranty and replaced? Sprint wants to charge $50 bucks no matter what just to figure out what's wrong with it. I don't have insurance on it so I have to forget that route for now. Though I do know a tech repair place down my street that does all sorts of phone repairs/rooting/etc I might see if they know about this issue and see if they can replace the power button. But yeah, so that's what it has come down to :/
    03-03-2013 06:45 PM

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