1. mytechexp's Avatar
    Anyone can help unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S2 from Sprint and flashing with Metro PCS?

    Any help will be appreciate it.

    03-24-2013 11:22 AM
  2. iFebby's Avatar
    There is no "unlocking" for this device in terms of taking it to another carrier.

    Check this guide out and follow the instructions:


    Optionally you can look on craigslist for someone to do it for you.

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    03-25-2013 04:22 AM
  3. paul brown429's Avatar
    For getting unlock code there should be a good and genuine site which will provide unlock code. I have used unlockgalaxys.com and it is the best. You may try it and after that you always prefer it.
    04-09-2013 07:58 AM
  4. vincent08's Avatar
    Samsung Sprint unlock is not possible because Sprint phones does not have any IMEI number and they have MEID. So, it can't be unlocked.
    06-20-2013 06:59 AM
  5. dm3ready's Avatar
    I'm no genius on unlocking phones, however to my understanding, the E4gT is (Sprint) CDMA and Wimax, while Metro PCS is GSM and HSPA+....they aren't compatible systems.
    Just my 2 cents.
    06-20-2013 09:02 AM

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