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    First, I have been a Sprint customer since release day of the EVO 4G in Jun 2010. I jumped from AT&T and a BB9700. Move forward to Dec 2011, I get the SG2 as my phone AND extended my contract with Sprint. I was advised and have consistently updated the PRL, Profile, Samsung software and Firmware whenever available. Only problem Ive ever had is where you plug the power cord into, it came loose from the motherboard. Went to a official Sprint repair store, replacement handset provided that day.

    My problem began when the phone started turning off/on Wed (27 Mar) morning, this continued all day long. Wed after work went to a Sprint store in Aurora CO, asked for help. They asked permission to factory reset...if necessary. Reluctantly, I gave consent.

    They checked out the phone, advised me they would do factory reset. OK, no problem. Upon the factory reset, they upgraded software from version 4.0.1. to 4.1.2. However; right there in the store, the phone still turns off/on on its own. Manager, Tech both tell me, nothing they can do. They give me a number to call "Retentions" as they have more options available about replacing a phone. I call from the store on Sprints phone. Talk to a CSR/Pamela who basically said....I would have to pay for another phone. Not the option I was expecting. Previously, when I went to a Sprint store with my phone malfunctioning, they provided a replacement phone on the spot! I go home with a still non-fully functioning phone.

    Thursday morning, I take phone off charger and head to work with a full battery.... @ 97%. All morning long, phone turns off/on...by itself! The battery runs down to 12%. I go to lunch, can't use phone as battery is way down, and phone continues to turn off/on. I left it on the charger upon return from lunch and all afternoon. At my end of work day, phone is 97% charged.

    I went to an official Sprint Repair store in Centennial CO. Talked with the Tech repair CSR. Was asked to leave phone for about an hour, said he would run a stability test. Upon my return, he said phone did not turn off/on while he had it, running fine. When he gave me the phone back and while standing there, the phone turned off/on on its own. CSR said it was a "software problem and the phone/hardware are functioning fine, that its a known software problem and hes not going to provide a replacement handset. So I asked CSR, you expect me to not be able to make a phone call, not be able to text or email with a phone that turns off/on on its own; BUT to wait for a software update...that may come whenever Sprint decides to put one out. CSR said nothing he could do. Fed up and frustrated I leave.

    Today, 29 March 2013, I call "Retentions" again, spoke to a CSR. After explaining what happened and then her reading from their computer system, she did offer a refurbished phone, that was not comparable/much lower than I would have bought, and that I would have to again pay for, because it would be an "early upgrade" to a newer phone. Since the CSRs seem to document my supposed denial, I stated.Ill think about it.

    Now phone is @ 26% battery life and dropping, it still shuts off/on as it pleases, when I press the power button to unlock the screen, it will bring up the Device options menu (Power off, data network mode, airplane mode or restart) and/or still turn off/on. WTF!!

    The Sprint support page says I should now have version GB27, version FL24 was on the phone before the Sprint store updated to what I have now.

    My phone is currently at:
    Model number SPH-D710
    Android Version: 4.1.2
    Baseband version: S710.10 S.FK23
    Build number: JZO54K.SPH-D710.FK23

    Anybody have the same issue and what did you do to correct?
    thank you for any assistance.
    03-29-2013 05:20 PM
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    I have a question, have you replaced the battery and do you have a replacement plan you pay monthly for?

    The software issue that CSR was talking about was on ICS and not on jelly Bean aka 4.2.1 if you have 4.1.2 then upgrade the phone to what just came out last night and see if that fixes it.

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    03-29-2013 10:12 PM
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    This sounds more like your power button is sticking inside, happened to me a few weeks ago. You can use compressed air to try to clear it or disassemble the phone and use alcohol to clean it.

    Slithering from the nether regions of a twisted mind and tarnished soul
    03-30-2013 05:41 PM

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