1. dm3ready's Avatar
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. What happens if I restart my phone when it states: "Downloading...Do not turn off target!!"?

    I was using Simple Downloader Tool to upgrade to Jelly Bean but the Simple Downloader won't even get to 1%...it states: Error Ocurred! Cancel Download!
    I tried to use Kies and ran into download issues too.

    ***figured it out...no damage done. However, I can't understand why neither Kies or the Simple Downloader Tool will work - should be easy!!
    04-01-2013 07:21 PM
  2. Jon Rock's Avatar
    What did you do, because mine did the same thing after I accidentally DL'd Sprint's JB instead of Virgin Mobile! Now it says select recovery mode in Keis and try again, but it wont connect to Keis. WTH?
    05-08-2013 08:04 PM
  3. dm3ready's Avatar
    The only thing I could figure out was that my USB cable was faulty. It worked fine for charging my phone but not for data transfer. I wish I could offer more.
    05-09-2013 05:45 AM

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