1. Jason Lippe's Avatar
    So, I've been having massive trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S2 after we just installed the latest update JellyBean. The battery drain is insane with the phone randomly restarting itself for no reason and when it does the battery is instantly drained. Plus, when you look at what's taking up most of the battery drain, it's the display, We've tried all sorts of power saving apps/settings with now luck.

    So it looks like it might be time for a firmware reinstall and possibly a factory reset. But of course, that comes with having to reinstall everything. So here's the big question. If I did a back up using Kies, can I restore all my apps/settings from that backup after I do a firmware reinstall or factory reset? I'm looking for advise and comments from people who have had to do this before. I'll also take links to sets for the best ways to reinstall jellybean and for factory resets.

    04-07-2013 02:05 PM
  2. Nate Cherry's Avatar
    I used the GB27 from the samsung website to do mine and everything has been golden. I used an app before doing the change to Jellybean called MyBackupPro from the Play store. Backed up my call logs, apps, music, photos and all to my sd card. Did the upgrade, reinstalled the app, and restored everything from the SD card. Only issue I had was had to tell the app where to find the restore files when reinstalled on Jelly Bean, but only took a few min to fix. You can pick and choose anything and everything you wanna back up or leave behind. I couldn't get Kies to work long enough without dropping a connection to back up everything I had.

    Hope this helps.
    04-07-2013 02:12 PM

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