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    I rooted my phone a while back with a one click root process that rooted it to a rooted version of the stock rom. Recently I recieved notification that Jelly Bean is now available for my phone and that I need to connect to my computer via usb to update. But, my computer keeps getting a "device not recognized" error. I tried to install Kies for the drivers with no luck, uninstalled the drivers from Kies and installed the others straight from the Samsung website with no luck. I have tried 2 different computers and three different usb cables, including 2 oem usb cables. I have windows 7 which may be the problem. Are there any work arounds like going to stock from my sd card? My phone is no longer rooted, but for some reason still has Superuser which i can uninstall still. I brought my phone to Sprint which the guy was really cool and informed me that its not the usb port on the phone and that odin is recognizing it, but odin on my computers doesn't even see it.

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    04-08-2013 01:17 AM
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    Do you have samsung drivers for your device installed on your computer?

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    04-09-2013 04:58 PM

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