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    Hello again,has anyone who owns a 3ds been able to set up a good internet connection via wifi tethering.in my case I CAN connect to the internet and access eshop but the one crucial problem I have is that onlinevplay doesnt seem to function.I am using the modified version of wifi tethering on my gc01 epic 4g touch boost variant jb 4.1.2. I used to pay for the boost hotspot feature but cancelled it because it stopped working suddenly.online play did however work with boost hotspot.I have a suspision that online play might work on wifi tethering on ad hoc mode but ad hoc mode has never worked for me on wifi tethering. It always says started but with errors and in the log it does show failed to start ad hoc mode. Does anyone know about this more than I do who can help me out? Thanks.
    05-02-2013 10:27 AM

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