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    So, my kid lost his iPhone 4. Apple Care (which Sprint pushed) doesn't do anything for lost/stolen phones, so I go to a pawn shop and buy a Galaxy SII. Take it to Sprint, and they tell me they can't put the phone on the account because it's already active. Turns out, the previous owner stopped paying his bill and pawned the phone when the service was disconnected. So now I'm stuck with a perfectly good phone that I can't use.

    I want to know if I can reflash the firmware on the radio and REPLACE the ESN/MEID with the ones from the iPhone box. Will this trick the Sprint network into thinking that the Galaxy is actually an iPhone, and, more importantly, will it actually work? I assume that the 4G won't work, but I guess that's the price the kid pays for turning his phone off at a movie theater and then losing it.

    (Yes, I found the CDMATOOL...but if I could afford to spend $700 on a piece of software to do this, I would just buy the kid a new iPhone).
    08-20-2013 08:36 PM
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    Illegal Activities - Do not post, sell, link, discuss, or request warez, serials, ROMs, UDID's or illegal copies of intellectual property of others. Discussions regarding hardware or software modifications designed to steal service, such as ESN cloning & phone programming modifications are also forbidden in the forums.
    From the forum rules, located here:

    Thread closed.
    08-20-2013 08:50 PM

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