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    Hello my epic 4g touch has recently been stuck in roaming mode, ive read taht i need to flash to ics and such but havent been able to find how to do so without losing all of my data taht is not located on my SD card. Im currently running Android 4.2.1 , S.Fl25, and CM mod 10.1 20130209 Unoffical, with Kernel 3.0.63 CM mod. If anyone could help itd be much appreciated, I currently have rom manager install as well if that helps.

    Ive also got a problem with my phoen in mass storage mode, it was previously working fine but recently it has been veyr slow and all teh files and folders are shortcuts. The shortcuts are being run by CMD in the "/windows/system32" folder and i cant figure out how to fix it.
    Attached Thumbnails S2 stuck in roaming, and mass storage files are shortcuts-untitled.png  
    11-14-2013 03:38 PM

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