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    I am in Costa Rica and have been noticing problems with my Galaxy S2. Just yesterday, I took a few photos but could not find them in my gallery. I am connecting to wifi just phone but certain things like heywire, Facebook, and playstore do not work. Only the internet and Instagram seems to work.

    ***This beautiful girl gave me her number on the bus, and since I put her number in Textsecure app and put her name in the message and clicked send. However, I opened it to write her number down and it was not there. I tried the same thing with a few of my friends numbers, but Textsecure is not showing them under the threads! I also did the same thing to test on the stock message app, and that is not showing up either. **However, when I search for them under the stock message app, they show up. I am convinced that this message and number is on the phone, however, I cannot search for it on Textsecure. I only wrote her name, and on Textsecure you can only search for names of contacts. I need to find this message!!!!! I will paypal someone some $ if you can fix this problem for me...please!

    I saved a number this way on Saturday before the phone started acting up. Like I said, even in the stock messaging app, I cannot find my threads, but when I search they are there. However, text secure only allows searches for people in your contacts, not key words. How can I find these texts? I know this text is on my phone because I've done this before. Is there a way to import my texts to stock messaging app?
    01-14-2014 09:33 PM

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