1. kronium's Avatar
    FYI, this guy is gonna start shipping these in a couple weeks. I just pre-ordered one.

    GameKlip - Real controller for real games
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    07-09-2012 04:09 PM
  2. rfs830's Avatar
    thanks for the link. I will have to get me one of these.
    07-17-2012 12:14 PM
  3. storino03's Avatar
    i'll wait until someone does a review.
    07-18-2012 08:16 PM
  4. vzwty's Avatar
    Dang, he should make one for the 360 controller also. I just ordered an adapter for my 360 wireless controller. That nexus 7 one would be sweet!

    Edit, looks like he might be working on a 360 version.
    07-24-2012 03:54 PM
  5. Uncle Louie's Avatar
    I ordered the version with the included wires; looks cool!
    07-27-2012 12:04 PM
  6. Uncle Louie's Avatar
    Mine came today... Loving it so far!

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    07-30-2012 03:20 PM