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    Ok, picked up GSIII a week ago. Bought Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle Kit a month before getting phone because it was 20% off.
    When phone is on and sitting in cradle it charges just fine overnight plugged into wall outlet. When I turn off the phone and set in charger
    it starts to emit a vibration (similar to getting a call) about every other second, and the LED charging light does not come on, and it does not
    stop making the sound, it just goes on and on. I unplugged the cord to go to the cradle and plugged straight into phone and it would charge fine with
    phone off without any vibration. I then went into every setting imaginable to make sure that it was not an app acting up. And yes I did go to the Dock setting in Settings. If anybody else has this problem or knows of something I'm overlooking I would really appreciate it. I didn't want to have to send back and get
    a replacement if it's something on my end. I'm hoping it's not my phone. I've included a link below of said product. Thanks!

    SEIDIO | Desktop Charging Cradle Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3
    10-20-2012 02:59 PM

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