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    I wish I'd read the reviews before purchasing this product. I had the Zagg screen guard on for a couple of minutes when it started to slide off a counter. I grabbed it before it hit the floor but, the screen scratched from my short nails. I contacted Zagg and was informed that their screen guard will scratch but it is supposed to protect the screen. I don't know about anyone else but, I do not want scratches all over my screen. I guess I'm pretty dense and didn't learn from the first screen protector (military grade) so I purchased the "extreme". I contacted them via email in order to get an address. They sent me a return address in Ireland. They were also "kind enough" to send me an 800 number which cannot be accessed from my area. I called their US 800 number and was given the same number in Ireland. I'm now outside replacement time as I sent the letter to this address. I went to the post office so I'd get the proper postage. It was returned to me as "insufficient postage". After calling the US Zagg number again, I was told that I needed to send it to Utah and one of their "customer service reps" was wrong. I did not get the upgraded screen for which I had paid $5 additional. Just know that Zagg screen protectors will scratch and that is apparently normal. I purchased the first screen guard from Sprint and they apologized and credited my account. Sprint does have outstanding customer service! Zagg screen guards are very low quality. I now have an OtterBox screen guard and it is tough as nails. I like the look of an unscratched screen with no smudging. That is what you get with OtterBox. I had an OtterBox for my GS3 but bought the Seidio 3500 mAh extended battery which is awesome. The Seidio protective case, which can be purchased for extended batteries does not have a screen guard. OtterBox sent me 2 screen guards, free of charge. Beware of Zagg screen guards. They also have a weird color tint.
    01-16-2013 03:44 PM
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    I had a Zagg on my Nexus S 4G for about a day and it made the screen look like crap so I took it off. Put a Tech Armor one on the GS3 and liked it until I dropped it one day and got a pretty good size nick in it. Kept my screen from busting though. Anyway, took that off because I couldn't stand looking at the nick anymore so now I'm in the market for another one. I'll have to check out the Otterbox one. It doesn't affect the screen quality at all does it? I just love the screen on the GS3, I don't want a screen protector that will diminish the screen quality.

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    02-20-2013 08:04 PM

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