1. DaUsedMCR's Avatar
    Hi all. I am rooted running the leaked OTA JB rom. I like touchwiz and JB so far, my only complaint is that the long volume press with screen off to change songs doesn't work on the rom. Is there a JB rom that looks completely stock (dont like theming) and debloated with the long volume press feature? or is there a mod i can flash on this rom to do it? thanks!
    11-14-2012 05:37 PM
  2. kingdavidbaker's Avatar
    I am having the same issue. I am rooted on OTA JB and want to long press the volume buttons to skip tracks. I tried editing the generic.kl file as suggested in another forum however that did not work. I also tried getting tasker along with Headset button controller and that also did not work. Any suggestions would be fantastic.
    12-01-2012 09:59 PM
  3. Tkbredx's Avatar
    The people's Rom. New. Jelly bean. Has this mod. I haven't tried it but they have it. I'm downloading it today. It is themed though. Very lightly though. Things can't look.worse than touch wiz bro lol
    12-02-2012 05:22 PM
  4. kingdavidbaker's Avatar
    I actually like the way the touch wiz interface looks. Its just black with shades of blue which is what I would want in a theme anyway. Also custom roms tend to have minor issues in my experience so I would rather stay stock if at all possible. Thanks for the heads up though, I'll have to see if I can convince them to make a flashable zip or something.
    12-03-2012 11:53 AM

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