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    Greetings! Well, the time has come that I must consider switching away from Sprint. I live just north of Cincinatti where Sprint coverage has only weakened over the last couple of years - 3G is exceptionally slow and spotty, there is no 4G LTE here or anywhere in Ohio and their latest list of upcoming implementations still do not show any Ohio city. I've been paying premium buxs for premium service too long, so I am switching, likely today. It came down to T-Mobile and Cincinnati Bell, with Cincinnati Bell (CB)being most likely the one I choose (about 40% less than my Sprint bill for very adequate contract features). The problem is there is not a support community for the CB GS3 like there is with the Sprint GS3

    Here is my question:
    I very, very much want to Root the GS3 (almost an absolute necessity/obsession), but not real concerned about flashing another ROM. Can I use the Sprint root procedures or some other model's root procedures on the CB GS3? The model # of their SG3 is SGH-T999. ( Edited: Ditto with regard to a custom recovery - I prefer Skunkape's TWRP, but any would do)

    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

    Also, btw, I will have 2 Sprint GS3's available for sale. A white one that was bot in December '12, and a blue one bot in August '12 (this is my baby). Both will have clean esn's. Right now I am thinking in the 200-250 range for each, as it appears that ebay has plenty of them in the 300 range. If interested, please PM me.

    01-21-2013 08:06 AM
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    Found some communities and support for my new device, so I will likely not be around here much.

    Mucho thanks to Skunkape for his valued judgment, advice and tireless energy thats makes this a great place to hang, learn and grow. I cut my teeth on threads he had penned and his direction on so many things. Definitely an asset to me, and obviously so many others.

    01-22-2013 12:49 PM

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